Battery Breakthrough: Scientists have built 10 times the capacity of lithium silicon battery
If your smartphone can be charged at one time in the future, it will have 10 times more power than the current full charge, will life be better?

After years of hard work, a group of researchers from Stanford University in the United States recently made breakthrough progress. They created a new generation of lithium ion batteries, which can use high-efficient silicon to store electricity. It is reported that the inspiration for successful research and development comes from a fruit - pomegranate.

The use of silicon in batteries brings two sides. First, this fragile material is easy to expand or even crack during charging, and it often reacts with the electrolyte in the battery, causing the circuit to become more sticky. However, it can also charge up to ten times more than the current rechargeable silicon lithium ion storage.

In order to avoid the material being broken, the researchers drew inspiration from the arrangement and structure of pomegranate seeds. They put a silicon nano that is too small to be broken into the yellow carbon shell to ensure that the battery has enough swelling space when charging, and then designed the structure by imitating the arrangement of pomegranate seeds to form a well conductive non exposed silicon structure. As a result, the new geometric structure with pomegranate style brings exciting charging capacity. The experiment shows that even after 1000 cycles of charging and discharging, this kind of battery can still achieve 97% high energy efficiency.

This design makes the silicon anode smaller, lighter and more powerful, which is enough to meet the long-term battery life of tablet computers, electric vehicles and other devices. Just imagine, if your smartphone can be charged once in the future, it will have 10 times more power than the current full charge, will life be better? However, at present, this new technology still needs to be improved, and it will take some time for it to be put into commercial use, so you have to continue to carry the power pack.