Rechargeable solid state batteries are expected to accelerate the energy collection market

With the emergence of emerging science and technology applications, energy collection technology will be applied to consumer electronics, military, aerospace, medical, oil and gas, construction, mass transportation and many related vertical industries. According to the survey data of research institutions, the global energy collection market is expected to reach US $18948.7 billion in 2017, with a compound annual growth rate of about 24.31%. In addition, the global energy collection trade, based on wireless modules, will grow at a growth rate of more than 50% from US $19 million in 2012 to US $227 million in 2017. The miniaturization of energy collection equipment will become a challenge in emerging markets. It is predicted that the compound annual growth rate will increase by 18.2% from 2011 to 2015. The energy collection equipment replaces traditional batteries with low-power wireless sensor nodes, attracting the attention of the industry in the imperceptible influence.

"The number of electronic devices that are smaller, more portable, and more interconnected is increasing, and the changing market is driving the demand for emerging energy storage. The integration and miniaturization of ultra-low power processors, ubiquitous wireless intelligent terminals and sensors, components, environment-friendly, and renewable energy - the industry's shift to low-power chips requires new low-cost, integrated energy storage options that existing solutions cannot meet 。” Said Steve Grady, vice president of marketing at Cymbet. At the same time, he also pointed out that "the existing energy storage solutions are not enough. At present, the energy storage of various electronic devices, especially the batteries, are generally large, difficult to integrate, high loss and failure rate, toxic and other problems. Cymbet's rechargeable solid state battery EnerClip perfectly solves these problems."

International E-Commerce Steve Grady, Vice President of Marketing of Cymbet, and EnerChip Battery Wafer

Steve Grady, Vice President of Marketing, Cymbet Corporation and EnerClip Battery Wafer

According to Steve Grady, EnerChip solid state battery is specially made using standard semiconductor integrated circuit process and patented construction technology. These batteries can be provided in the form of bare chips or plastic packaging, and can be installed using the same surface mount technology (SMT) and reflow soldering as other integrated circuits in electronic equipment. "It is characterized by small size (150m or 1/20 of the current battery thickness) , fast charging, service life up to 5000 charging cycles, 1.5% ultra-low self discharge current. It is an ideal substitute for button batteries and supercapacitors, which can be integrated on the circuit board and chip level at low cost by using SMT automatic assembly. The battery life of up to ten years eliminates the need for replacement, and is free of harmful chemicals. It is biocompatible in the human body and can be used in medical treatment, sensors, radio frequency tags, industrial control, communications and portable electronic systems. EnerClip can be applied in the range of 10nW~100mW. "

Steve Grady added that at present, Cymbet provides three product series: Enechip battery bare chip series; Enerchip CC series, which combines battery and required power management functions in the same package, provides a simple "instant power supply solution", providing up to 8 weeks of power for the chip. The main markets are microcontrollers, real-time clocks and SRAM - a market that exceeds 2.5 billion units per year. In addition, the EnerChip EP energy processor provided by Cymbet is the first universal energy capture device, which can collect and store enough energy from the sun, motion, heat source or RF to drive the electronic circuit of the "zero power supply" wireless sensor node solution. These revolutionary functions can be widely used in energy management, security, industrial control, medical and other applications to solve important cost/performance problems for wireless networks - a potential market of more than 10 billion units per year.

Target application market

Steve Grady introduced that currently, Enerchip series products have three capacities of 5 Ah, 12 Ah and 50 Ah. Next year, through process improvement, energy storage density can be increased to 200 Ah in the same area.

"By 2020, the world will have 50 billion to 300 billion IoT devices. Most of these IoT devices will be very small in size and packaged in an unprecedented way. These small IoT devices are supported by many new micro controllers, wireless and sensor technologies. Since there are no cables for data and power, these IoT and wearable devices must be self powered. The only way to power such devices is There are two, "Steve Grady pointed out, "One is the traditional non rechargeable batteries, which need to be replaced when the energy is exhausted, or the rechargeable batteries that collect energy from the surrounding environment, which can be used continuously throughout the product life cycle. Obviously, the latter, such as EnerChips, which is powered by energy capture, is an ideal rechargeable battery. Especially when the cost of replacing the battery in the entire life cycle is taken into account, it has high performance and price Than. So in the long run, Cymbet's product target applications are the Internet of Things, wearable devices and other fields. "

At present, the backup power market has great potential. "More than 40 billion button batteries for main power supply and standby power supply are sold every year in the world; more than half of the more than 10 billion real-time clocks and timers shipped every year need backup power. 10% of the 16 billion microcontrollers sold now have integrated EnerChip intelligent backup power supply. Now, timers are our largest market." Steve Grady said. In addition, embedded energy and energy collection are two other large emerging application markets. "Cymbet will focus on high growth market segments such as industry, medical, building control, military and security,"

At present, Cymbet has R&D and production facilities in the Minnesota office, and a mass production facility in Lubbock, Texas that cooperates with X-FAB, with an annual capacity of about 200 million pieces. For sales in China, Opto Sensor, Fuchange Enterprises LTD, which has just announced its cooperation, will act as a representative and distributor to assist Cymbet in selling a full range of EnerChip intelligent solid state battery and power management solutions in China